Education in the Netherlands

Utolsó módosítás: 2020. szeptember 09.

Education in the Netherlands, Teacher Training and Innovative Teaching Methods

On February 20, we participiated on a presentation, called Education in the Netherlands, Teacher Training and Innovative Teaching Methods. We heard a lot of new information about Dutch education system.
The library room was full of students, university teachers, and teachers from our city's secondary and primary schools. The Dutch education system should be monitored because OECD studies found that the Dutch population is well educated, and the quality of education is constantly increasing.



According to PISA studies, Dutch children are among the happiest students in the world.
Willem Vletter and Jasper van Dijken are the speakers. They are students of the teacher traning program at the University of Groeningen. They take part in one-week teaching practice at our institue, attend and teach lessons at the Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences as well as at the university's secondary school. The program was coordinated by the Center of International Relations with the collaboration of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pedagogy and the Practicing School.The partnership between EKE and the University of Groningen has a 12-year history, and the two institutions have participated in several international projects in the field of teacher training. The University of Groningen University instructors will be eligible for Erasmus + mobility.

photo : Dániel Kakuk

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