Services in Eger

Utolsó módosítás: 2019. október 15.

Beside the traditional services the library offers 7/24 electronic services (access to the OPAC, databases, digital repositories, news and programs, Facebook etc.). Computers with access to e-resources and online catalogue are available throughout the library. Free Wi-Fi allows readers to connect to the Internet and the subscribed online databases.


● Membership can be acquired through registration. During the registration the library makes records of the personal data.
● All data is used in our integrated library system (ILS). Their usage complies with the law and the library uses them exclusively for library purposes.
● The personal data of the students are loaded from the Neptun system. For activating your registration please visit our colleagues (Líceum, Nr. 113.).
● The student card will serve as the membership card for students, otherwise the library will provide a library card.
● Please report immediately the loss of your student/ library card. The library will not be liable for the consequences of any misuse of lost cards.
● The student/library card entitles you to use all the library departments of the Eger campus.
● Breaking the rules and regulations of the library may result in the suspension for a certain period, in serious cases indefinitely.


● Every document can be borrowed by registered readers if its use is not restricted.
● Readers are responsible for the documents, in case of damage (eg. notes) or loss they are obliged to replace the document or compensate the damage.
● Restricted loan documents (restrictions for each document are displayed in the online catalog):
     o periodicals
     o books published before 1945
     o documents for local use in the reading rooms
     o theses
     o documents in the special collections
     o non-traditional documents (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc.)
● Loan period:
     o users should return documents by the given due date
     o if any of the documents on loan are overdue the Corvina ILS will not permit any new circulation
     o ERASMUS students are allowed to borrow documents usually until the end of their term
     o but some documents can only be borrowed for a shorter periods (1 or 2 weeks or for an overnight loan, t. i. „from closing to opening")
     o the circulation policy of the library is flexible, please contact the librarians
● Returning of the documents:
     o readers should return books by the due date without any special notice
     o in special cases the Library may recall documents before their due dates
● Interlibrary loan
     o By the interlibrary loan service users can get access to documents that are not available at the Eszterhazy University.
     o Articles or books can be requested from Hungarian or foreign libraries in Nr. 113. (Enikő Pozsonyi
     o Before submitting your request, please check our online catalogue.
     o All possible data of the requested document should be given to make identifying easier. You will be informed in email after the request arrives.



It is possible to copy, print, scan in Nr. 113. (A4 - 15Ft/page ; A3 - 30Ft/page)

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